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So, I realize I've been lucky enough to attend a bunch of Packers games, but no matter how often you visit Lambeau Field, it's always a good time. Even more so when you can hang with good friends, and even more so yet when the Pack wins.

Such was the case a few weekends ago, when I was invited to attend a game with my friend (and co-worker) Chris, his brother, and their friend Eric.

We started the day by firing-up a proper tailgate, complete with brats, sauteed peppers and onions, cheese dip, and a few adult beverages...

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Now, I enjoy a refreshing brew as much as the next guy does... but it takes a special occasion to crack open a cold one at 9:15am on a Sunday morning, in 40-degree weather, while sitting in an old K-Mart parking lot.

We managed to score an excellent spot from which to park and tailgate - entry was swift and efficient, and we were blessed with plenty of warming sun. By 10:00am, things were fairly warm; the brats were ready and things were good.

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Well, they were good until we had a slight incident with the cheese dip.

You see, our grille was a tad on the petite side, so space was at a premium. We managed to squeeze everything onto the cooking grate, but due to one slightly careless lift of the lid, we lost all of our cheese dip to a spill. It was truly a heart-wrenching moment... desperate for cheese, we sunk to a new low as seen here:

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Another nice benefit of our parking spot was that we had less than a 5-minute walk to the stadium... so at around 11:30, we cleaned-up our space, packed-up the car and bid farewell to our fellow tailgaters. Here's a photo of our motley crew as we prepared to depart for the game:

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That's me on the left (eeek, so fat!), Chris, Mark, and Eric.

Gotta' love the sea of green as you make your way into the stadium:

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And here's the hallowed grounds - it's such a magical place.

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Even more magical when you encounter "enthusiastic" fans like this guy:

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That's Chris with a guy that we met while waiting to get into the stadium. The camera crews loved that guy - he was on the big screen(s) almost as much as Aaron Rodgers was. :-)

Once inside the stadium, we found our seats, which were super awesome - I'd say we sat just about on the 35 yard line, on the Packers side. And, we were lucky (again) to have the sun at our backs, so we stayed warm.

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We had no sooner found our seats than the national anthem kicked-off, which was followed by a fly-over with a pair of F-16s. Those things are super awesome - they were flying really, really low.

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The game kicked-off and we cheered with the best of 'em. Our section was a bit rambunctious - there was a guy sitting a few rows in front of us who stood and waved his arms after nearly every play. He also liked to high-five everyone around him... I think I must've given out at least 140 high-fives.

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Before we knew it, the game was over, and the Pack had gotten the job done - they managed to win (they were playing the Jaguars, who only have the worst record in the league), so all was good. To say our section was happy would be an understatement...

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With the game over, we made our way back to the car and Mark chauffeured us back to Watertown, where I picked-up the Flea and we grabbed a bite to eat at Culver's (mmm.... Wisconsin Swiss Melt).

After a quick dinner, we were back in town, where we bid each other farewell. Back home, the Flea looked to be quite happy - here she is sitting on her Packers blanket with her favorite toy (which is, ironically, a cat toy).

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...and you may be wondering why I'm writing a blog entry at 4:00am on a Saturday... it's because I'm at work - one of my projects is going live this weekend and the team is converting a system. I'm keeping them company but not doing much in terms of production - the guys are doing coding and development work - I'm just here to provide food, drink, and moral support. With any luck, we'll be done by around 6:00pm on Saturday.

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