We certainly got a healthy dose of snow today, eh? Having lived in Arkansas for so long, and then with a few recent mild winters, I lost respect for how impressive Wisconsin winters can be.

My workplace was open today, but encouraged everyone to work from home, so I did just that. The photo from above was taken at around 8:00am, just as I was trying to coax the Flea to go outside. She had other intentions... here she is at around 10:00am.


Sometime around noon or so, the snow picked-up again; according to the news, Madison had nearly 13" of snow by noon. While I was attending to conference calls and work-stuffs, I peered outside and was shocked to see the snow "falling" horizontally. This photo was taken at around 1:00pm.


Flea had decided to move, but not by much... apparently she got too warm under the blanket, so she adjusted her position.


With work winding down, I decided to go outside and attempt to tackle the snow. I opened the garage door and almost collapsed. The snow blower has a 22" wide opening and is about 16" tall at the opening.


The best part about the snow? It was super wet and heavy and the snow blower could barely handle it. Oh wait - no, that wasn't the best part. The best part was trying to shovel the far end of the driveway, where the snow plows had deposited nearly 4-and-a-half-feet of packed, icy, dense snow that I had to move 100% by hand. OMG.

It took just over 3 hours to "snow blow" and shovel the driveway... and, it looks like I need to do it all again... oh, this is fun.

Here's what the back deck looks like as of about 5 minutes ago:


I just turned to the local weather station, and they're reporting Madison has hit 19" of snow. Next up are the winds - 45mph gusts tonight. So much for the shoveling.

And guess who absolutely does not want to venture outside, not even for a second?


But enough about the snow...

I had a good time this weekend - I helped a friend from work fix an electrical problem that manifested in headlights that refused to work. She was quoted something like $2500 by the local dealership to fix just one side. I did some research and found out the problem was most likely related to either the "ignitor" or "ballast," both of which are located inside of the headlight assembly.

With a little more research, I found the OEM part numbers and was able to order new parts from Amazon (love that site) for just $292. So, her and her spouse swung over to the house on Saturday and we tackled the repair. Here's her car at its "worst" -


A few hours later and the surgery was a success. The lights all worked, we zipped-up the car, and they saved about $2100. To celebrate, they took me to Smoky's Restaurant - a very classic steakhouse in Madison. I hadn't been there since around 1989 - not much had changed, but the steaks were phenomenal. If you're in the mood for a good steak, I'd highly recommend Smoky's. Wow.

And with that, I think I'll sign-off. The power is now flickering, so I'm not sure how long I'll have an internet connection. Stay warm!

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