Where did January (and February) go?


Hey folks - sorry for being absent for like the past 7-8 weeks... Things have been incredibly busy and I've just not had much time to update the 'ole blog. Couple of quick updates:

Incredibly crazy busy with work. Between the promotion and this monster project, I've been putting in longer hours than usual. Lots of new experiences, as I'm serving dual roles on a multi-multi-million dollar project (it's about $40m) - primary role is as the program manager (overseeing/directing the entire effort) and as a project manager for the primary track within the program.

We were asked to step in and drive the project after it had been suffering from poor progress; it's been a whirlwind... I've been working 100% on it since May of 2012, and I'm just now starting to fully understand all of the complexities and technical intricacies. Looks like I'll be involved with the project for at least another year...

Musically - I've been playing the guitar when I have time, albeit it hasn't been as much as it was prior to January, so I still stink at it. I'm still loving that Orange Dark Terror head and Mesa Rectifier cabinet - love how dark and crunchy they sound together. Now if I could only get my fingers to do what my mind wants them to do...


Diet/Exercise - back on the wagon! I have been eating cleanly and exercising with regularity (riding every day, running 4-5 times per week). I've been looking forward to both; apparently my binary switch has flipped from "0" to "1" in terms of taking care of myself.

House - looks like I'll be moving again in a few months. The homeowner from whom I rent has decided to retire from her job in Spain and is moving back to her home. It's sounding like I'll be moving in with a friend/co-worker of mine who lives fairly close to where I'm currently living. Oh, the joys of packing everything up and moving yet again... I need to find a house here, and have started peeking around at some potential places. I'll probably buy something in Madison, I'm just not sure when it'll be.

Flea - she's doing well. Still scared of nearly everything and still loves to curl up and spend all day nestled in her Packers blanket. She is absolutely hating this year's snow; we got clobbered with about 9" of snow yesterday and she is not a fan of the stuff (nor am I, especially after having to shovel so much of it).


Well, that's about it for now. I apologize for not updating the blog for so long, but I really have been busier than I ever could've imagined. I also had a blog issue that caused me to have to rework my index pages and some behind-the-scenes stuff... I hope it's all working properly - drop me a line if anything seems out-of-whack?

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