Fish Fry Review: Babes Sports Grill


I've been to Babes a bunch of times and generally enjoy it. They have a nice outdoor patio area, that despite being located near the beltline, is quite peaceful and comfortable.

I met a few coworkers for lunch today; one of them had lost a lunch bet and the other opted for fish fry at Babes as the payout. Since the weather was absolutely phenomenal, we chose to sit outside.

Our server was prompt, friendly, and fantastic. She immediately took our drink orders (2 iced teas, 1 Arnold Palmer) and told us about the specials. She returned within minutes, drinks in hand and ready to take our orders.

I opted for the fried lake perch, which included a choice of potato (I went with curly fries). One of my coworkers chose the fried cod (with curly fries). The other went with the blackened tilapia fish tacos, which included rice and beans on the side.

The food arrived in no time. Everything looked superb. The perch plate included six smallish fillets fish, each lightly breaded, and slightly curled from the frying. A trace amount of grease could be detected within the curled portions of the fish, but it was by no means greasy. A quick twist of lemon, and I was underway.


The breading clung nicely and was just slightly salty. The fish had that trademark chewy mouthfeel. The flavor was mild for lake perch - not overly fishy. The curly fries were your typical catalog variety, but were crispy and delicious.

I sampled some of the cod; the fillets of cod weren't so much fillets as they were "cubes" - very thick, square loin cuts. Breading was thin, and like the perch breading, just slightly salty. The fish itself was tender yet firm, moist without being greasy, and very mild in flavor. The only downside? The breading slipped clean off with each cut or stab of the fork.


The fish tacos looked excellent and were reported to be outstanding. The blackened tilapia looked tasty; it was wrapped in soft shell flour tacos and covered in slaw with some type of dressing.

Not a bad fish fry by any means, but it wasn't remarkable. If you're looking for a solid fish fry with great service and decent pricing, Babes will definitely suit your needs.

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