Quick updates - Phone, House, Bristol preview


What a crazy few weeks... I haven't had any time to do much by way of updating the blog, so here are a few brief updates.

The iPhone 5 is no Michael Phelps.

I managed to drop my iPhone 5 into the lake this past weekend, and unfortunately, it didn't survive the dunk. I tried to dry it out with air, heat, and rice, but I don't believe it's going to recover from the swim. I'm now on day 3 without a phone, and it really stinks. Thankfully, I purchased an insurance plan from Worth Avenue Group, but they're taking their sweet time to process my claim. Totally frustrating, because I rely heavily on my phone for work purposes...

I spent a few days at (and a few thousand dollars on) my house in Arkansas

The house has been listed for sale for a few months, and despite several dozen showings, there hasn't been an offer made. One of the consistent bits of feedback revolved around the carpeting, which was 12 years old, and had seen more than its fair share of pet accidents, not to mention general wear and tear.

So, I bit the bullet and ponied-up for new DuPont StainMaster carpeting, to the tune of around $4,000. I drove down to AR last week so that I could oversee the installation, save a few bucks by removing the old carpet, pad, and staples, and so that I could do some general touch-up work on the house.

Amy moved back to Wisconsin to help her Mom & Dad, so the house has been empty for a few weeks. It was an ideal time for me to swing down and address various things. I arrived late on Wednesday night and stayed at my friend BJ's house (thanks again, Beege!!!!). I got up bright and early on Thursday morning, went to Lowe's, dropped a few hundred bucks there, and then set about working on the house.

First up: I removed all of the old carpeting, the old pad, and about 8,000 staples from the subfloor (they staple the carpet pad to the subfloor). Next, I decided to paint the office. It was in dire need of some touching-up, so I primed and painted it a nice, clean white color. Those two activities took most of the day, so before I left the house, I primered the entire subfloor (about 1300 square feet of space), so that the new carpet and pad would have a totally clean and fresh surface underneath them.

BJ, Travis, and Amy (ironically, Amy is the name of Travis' fiancee) went out for dinner, before calling it an early night. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep on Thursday night, so I woke-up at 4:30am and went to the house to work on patching holes in the living room wall from where I had mounted the flatscreen television and soundbar. Here's the before picture:


The carpet installers didn't arrive to the house until after 2:00pm, due to a scheduling error by Lowes... That's strike two for Lowes in my book - if you'll recall, they also had problems with the carpeting work in the home theater. The installers were stellar guys; they worked so hard and did a fantastic job with the new carpet... but, they were at the house until well after midnight, so it made for a really long day.

That's ok, though, because it gave me time to do some additional work around the house... I painted the laundry room, cleaned the washing machine filter system, painted the kitchen pantry:

photo 2.JPG

Painted the master bedroom closet and storage shelves, cleaned the garage, and finished some trim work on the home theater screen. I cut, painted, and installed trim molding for the screen - it really finished the theater off nicely.

photo 1.JPG

The carpet guys were still working when I decided to call it a night and head out to dinner with BJ. It was around 8:30pm when I left - nothing like a 16-hour day of working on the house. I managed to accumulate a few blisters and a sore back. ;-)

We stopped by the house late in the evening to do a final check with the installers and to lock things up. I had no problem sleeping on Friday night!

On Saturday morning, I took a swing through the house to snap a few pictures of the new carpet and of the painted rooms. The photos are a little grainy, as it was still quite early when I took the pictures, but you can get the idea of how things looked when done. Here's the living room, complete with the patched and painted wall:

photo 3.JPG

Here's the master bedroom:

photo 4.JPG

And the office, with its new paint and new carpet:

photo 5.JPG

After some last-minute tidying-up (cleaned the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator), I locked-up the house and bid it farewell. I'm really happy with how it looks - the fresh paint, the new carpet, and taking care of a few little details really makes a difference. Amy did a fantastic job of cleaning the house before she left; these little additional details should help the house sell.

I was in the car by 8:45am and back in Wisconsin just after 6:00pm. I made only one stop along the way for fuel/food/bathroom, and traffic was light, so it didn't take long to cover the 700-miles. Total cost for the trip (carpet, supplies, fuel, food): $5100. Yikes!!!!

Y'all Like Racing?

And last but not least, I took a 4-day trip to Bristol, Tennessee with three coworkers/friends, so that we could attend the NASCAR race. I have 400+ photos to edit/resize/organize, so it'll be a few more days before I get that entry ready and posted. Marty, bear with me!

Here's the four of us, sitting in our seats during the Nationwide race, which was held on Friday, August 23. Kyle Busch won the race (to the displeasure of nearly 130,000 people).


Much more to follow about the trip - it was definitely an adventure. Here's a sneak peek of what will be included in the race summary: 1,641 miles in a minivan without A/C, tent camping in the backwoods of eastern Tennessee, a sewer repairman from West Virginia, homemade moonshine from a mason jar, roosters for sale by the side of the road, and 750-miles of nighttime NASCAR racing.

You know it'll be a good one.

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