Fish Fry Review: Springers of Lake Kegonsa


My friends Elden and Becky suggested that we take a short drive to the far northeast corner of Lake Kegonsa to sample the fish offerings from Springers. So, five of us (Elden, Becky, Jen, and Heidi) piled into the car and made the short drive through Lake Kegonsa State Park and arrived to the supper club/bar at around 6:30pm.

The parking lot could use some attention; it's primarily gravel and is heavily pot-holed. Thanks to the recent rain and lack of good lighting, we had to pay close attention to not drench the 'ole footsies as we made our way to the entrance. Safely inside, we entered our name for a table, then proceeded to the bar for a pre-meal beverage.

The bar is expansive - I'd say it easily seats 30-35 people. A slew of high-top tables flank the bar on all sides. There are two "alcoves" that seat additional people - one directly attached to the bar and one on the "back" of the bar, that's set-up more like a divided dining room.

We ordered a mix of drinks; tap selection was pedestrian, although heavily focused on Wisconsin micros. Bottles selection was decent; prices averaged $3 - $3.50. I chose a New Glarus Staghorn; Jen went with a Capital Skal; Becky a glass of wine; Elden a mixer; and Heidi went with a traditional Old Fashioned, which was nicely muddled.

Our table became available (pay close attention; the PA system that is used to announce tables is very difficult to hear) and we were seated in the large dining room. Our group of 5 were forced to sit at a 4-top table, making for a snug experience, especially since the table was butted-against one of the dining room walls.

The waitress introduced herself, shared menus, talked about the specials, and went for a second round of drinks for us. When she returned, she took our orders - 3 counts of baked cod, 2 of fried cod. Interestingly, Heidi's second Old Fashioned wasn't muddled...

The dinners included salad or soup. I opted for salad, which was an ordinary garden salad. The veggies were fresh.


Elden reported the chowder was excellent; Becky loved the french onion soup. Along with our soups and salads came a basket of breads that included little fritters. I eventually caved and tried one; while it was cold it was still quite delicious.

Our entrees arrived before we could finish our starters. The fried cod plates consisted of two pieces each, and the pieces were substantial. I sampled a bite or two and was duly impressed. Excellent breading, very moist fish, piping hot, and really quite good.

The baked cod plate featured a single fillet of cod that was massive. I'd put it at around 12-14 ounces; seasoned with standard paprika. Unfortunately, the baked cod was quite dry - appearing to have been pre-cooked and reheated to serve, the texture was really quite chewy and hard. There wasn't much flavor to speak of; I suspect most of it had been cooked out during the reheat process.


Sides were excellent; trying to be healthy, I opted for the veggies, which were steamed and delicious. Other side options included baked potato, fries, or hash browns. Coleslaw and tartar were included with each plate.

All-in-all, I'd go back to order the fried cod, or to try one of the other fish options (walleye, blue gill, grouper, or shrimp), but I probably won't reorder the baked fish.

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