Throw away your car keys. Now.



It snowed about 1/4 of an inch last night, and you're seeing the result of that dusting of snow. If you look closely, it took me 34 minutes to travel 5 miles. I could ride my bike twice as fast as that...

I don't understand it.

Today's cars come equipped with unbelievable technology: anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control, yaw correction, siped snow tires embedded with sunflower oil to improve cold weather traction (seriously - I'm not making that up), all wheel drive, lane departure warning sensors, blind spot detectors, and more...

And yet we can't figure out how to navigate a lightly snow dusted set of roads?

Besides the car technology, snow removal has come along way as well - cheese brine applied to slippery roads; carbide tipped snow blades; magnesium pellets, and plows that run non-stop during bad weather...

Yet we creep along and ram into one another like there's a snowmageddon. I saw six - that's SIX - accidents on the beltline today, within an 8-mile stretch. My 14-mile commute took me 1 hour and 9 minutes, all in. That's ridiculous.

So, I suggest we all throw our keys into a big pit and walk, take a bus, or find some other way to travel, because it's obvious there's no hope for any of us as drivers.

How the hell did people drive from the 1940s until now?? Back then cars were rear wheel drive, had manual steering, manual drum brakes, and unbelievably horrible bias-ply tires. I'd wager a guess that commute times were half of what they are today.

Ugh. I'm off to bang my head against the wall, with the hope that I forget about my commute.

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