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Been quite busy with projects - two of my own, and one for a good friend from Yelp. My Yelp pal wanted to spruce-up his new condo and give it a more rustic feel, so he ordered some custom cut-and-planed reclaimed barnwood from a craftsman woodworker down in the Monroe, WI area.

His plan was to fit the barnwood to one of his living room walls, and to give it some texture/feel. Problem was that my pal doesn't have a ton of woodworking tools, and he wasn't quite sure how to piece it all together. He asked me for some help, of which I was happy to provide.

I brought over my 12" Hitatchi compound miter saw, my stand, a vacuum, and my pneumatic nailer. Corey had thoughtfully pre-arranged the wood by color type. I suggested we start at the floor and work our way up; the ceiling wasn't super level, and the thought of having to deal with that for the entire effort wasn't exactly appealing.

The wall measured 13-feet wide and 10-feet tall. He wanted at least two boards per level, and didn't want super pronounced seams. So, we miter cut each end of the boards and just sort of fit things together "mason like."

Here's what we had after the first day:

photo 1.JPG

I also relocated an electrical outlet to the middle of the wall (for television mounting purposes) and relocated this thermostat to another room (for aesthetics). We finished up the project a day later; the final layer that met the ceiling called for some fun hand-cut, hand-fitting... but it turned out pretty well. I was extremely pleased with the end result.

photo 2.JPG

Project number two involved improving the quality of the drinking water at my house. My water tastes absolutely terrible - like mud mixed with metal. So, I ordered a new SpectraPure 4-stage, reverse osmosis drinking water system, similar to the one I installed at my previous house.

I say similar, because the previous system was only a 2-stage. I went with the 4-stage system here because of the extremely poor quality of the city water. I'm so thrilled to pay $5000/year in property tax and hundreds of dollars every quarter for crappy water...

The install didn't go too terribly well, primarily because SpectraPure is terrible with their Quality Control and Inventory. The kit was missing several very unique fittings, the instructions were incorrect in two places, and the pre-assembled Reverse Osmosis membrane leaked like a sieve. So... several trips to a few hardware stores and a disassembly and reassembly of the RO membrane later, and I finally have good, clean, pure water. Yay!

No photos; sorry.

The final project involved the new car. When I took delivery of it, I noticed a slight brake pulsation. I mentioned it to the dealer, and they dismissed it as being related to the car having sat for so long. I didn't think that sounded accurate, but I was happy to get the car, and took ownership of it, complete with pulsating brakes.

Fast-forward a few months and I couldn't take the pulsation... I did some research, and apparently Mercedes had a known issue with brake pulsation in my particular vehicle. Despite having 14.2" vented and cross-drilled brake rotors, the initial metalurgical make-up lent itself to pulsation.

Mercedes corrected the issue by way of a new brake rotor assembly. Unfortunately, rotors and pads are about the *only* item not covered by my awesome warranty... so, I ponied-up the nearly $800 for new rotors and pads and drove over to Topels to do the work.

Things went relatively well; had a minor situation thanks to the calipers being 2-piece, direct-mounted calipers, but it wasn't a huge ordeal. Here's the finished product - those new rotors are not only gorgeous, but effective. With the new pads and rotors, the car stops on a dime (and gives nine cents change).

photo 3.JPG

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