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Clean as a whistle


When I bought my house, I inherited the existing appliances. Which, in theory, is a good thing.

In reality, it wasn't so great.

The existing washer and dryer, while functional, had some unique characteristics - the dryer was missing one of the tumbling fins, so your clothes had a tendency to wad themselves up into a ball while drying, resulting in a nice big mass of clothing that was super hot and dry on the outside, and perfectly wet on the inside.

The washer started to lose its gusto as well - it didn't spin very well, so clothes often came out of the washer heavy and soaking wet. This made the dryer situation all the more worse, and line drying took forever...

I hated the thought of dropping cash on a new washer and dryer, but the old set really had seen better days. I figured it would be fairly simple to shop around, find a set, have it delivered, and move on.

Ha! Nothing ever goes that easy for me, especially when you factor in the 115-year old house and all of its little nuances.

This story could be ridiculously long, so I'll keep it as brief as possible.

- Ordered first washer and dryer set on Friday, May 23 via Best Buy's website. Due to some challenges on their side with attempting to price match a competitor (and an even longer story), I somehow ended-up with 6 washers and dryers being ordered and attempted to be delivered to my house. None of the six sets would fit, as my basement doorway and steps were too narrow for the extra large front-loaders.

- BB delivery drivers measured and told me what set to order. Guaranteed it would fit.

- Returning the 6 sets of washers and dryers (that I never ordered in the first place) was a nightmare... took several hours and several trips to BB to resolve.

- New washer and dryer set arrived and was attempted to be delivered. Drivers couldn't fit the washer into the basement - said stairway was too narrow, despite their measuring and assuring me this set would fit. I had them take everything back.

- I spent a day re-engineering and widening my basement doorway and steps, to the tune of adding approximately 4 inches of extra space. I had to re-sister floor joists, cut and remove subflooring, shave a wall, and re-engineer my stair hangers and supports.

- Ordered another washer/dryer from Best Buy, scheduled delivery for 6/26.

- 6/26 came; no washer/dryer. After much calling and investigating, BB announced that a phantom computer glitch had moved my delivery to 7/1. No explanation why. They did offer to give me $350 back on the washer and dryer in exchange for the headaches.

- 7/1 came. Dryer fit downstairs with ease. Washer, not so much.

photo 1.JPG

The Best Buy drivers swore the washer would never fit into my basement. Little did they know that my pal, Tony, told me with all confidence that he could get the washer into the basement. He was the guy who had moved the old washer and dryer into the basement (by himself!!!!) along with a commercial sized treadmill (again, by himself!!!).

I bid the drivers farewell (and good riddance - what salty, grumpy, and ineffective guys), called Tony and Steve, and within 10 minutes, we had the washer into the basement without any problems.

I leveled the pedestals, Tony & I set and aligned the washer, and within 30 minutes, we were in business.

photo 2.JPG

What a difference these machines make! Holy cats - it's a joy to do laundry. They're silent, super efficient, and I swear I can tell a difference in how my clothes feel and smell after doing laundry. I also love that I can fit more than 2-full loads into the washer at a time. It's awesome.

My renter approves as well, so all is good.

Oh, and Best Buy took another big chunk off of the bill for failure to install them, so I saved more than 50% on the entire deal. I guess that makes it worth the hassle (and 7 weeks of back-and-forth).

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