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It's been a while...


I find myself saying this far too often with the old blog lately, but it sure has been a while since my last update. If memory serves, I think I last talked about some guitar stuff... well, guess what? I'm going to talk about that some more.

I have a problem

Apparently one can never have enough money, good looks, or guitars. I swore up and down that after my last purchase (a Fender Stratocaster Contemporary), that I was done buying guitars. Well, I lied.

One of my other good friends was in need of a new laptop, but didn't have the funds to procure one. He did, however, have a beautiful ESP Eclipse guitar that I really liked. And, he was willing to trade that guitar for a laptop.

Before I set about trying to find a laptop, I gave his guitar a test drive...


Wow. What a beauty of a guitar. It looked absolutely gorgeous - slightly distressed, flame-top maple, tobacco sunburst color... It felt phenomenal - thin neck, nicely radiused, perfect action. And it sounded incredible - modified EMG 81/85 pick-ups (18-volt, instead of 9-volt)... it was really a beautiful piece of expertly-crafted, hard-to-find musical candy.

So, I started my search for a nice, pre-owned Apple MacBook Pro for him. I didn't want to plunk down $2000 on a new one, so I scoured the web, local resources, and my workplace looking for a gently used MacBook Pro. I stumbled across one that seemed like it would fit the bill. After some gentle negotiating, I managed to purchase the MBP at a good price. I upgraded a few items on it and selected a night for the two of us to meet and trade gear.

We met-up at a Buffalo Wild Wings on April 30, ate some wings, drank some PBRs, traded equipment, and both left happy. Mission: accomplished.


(Those glasses were compliments of BWW - they had a PBR promo that night, and in addition to the guitar, I scored some cool 32oz mason jar/PBR glasses).

And here's the new girl, sitting in front of my absolutely incredible Mesa/Boogie Mark V rig. Talk about matches made in heaven.


Astute viewers/readers may notice that something looks slightly different, and congrats - you're right! To better protect my baby, I had a custom ATA flight case made for the amplifier. I ordered it from a company called Kent Custom Cases and couldn't be happier. It's a live-in style case, which means the amplifier never has to leave the case. It sits in there, fully protected and ready to travel when duty calls. Well worth the money/investment!

What? "When would your stuff ever need to travel," you ask? When my other friend asks to borrow it for big shows, of course!

My friend Jeremy is in a band called White Empress; you may recall that they've been playing out a bit more (I lent him my gear for a show in October as well). Well, White Empress went on tour to Tokyo, Japan a few weeks ago, and prior to the tour, they played some warm-up shows around our area. I lent him my rig for use at the High Noon Saloon.

Here it is, up on stage, about to see some serious action:


And here it is, in action. That's Jeremy shredding away on his ESP guitar, playing to a crowd at the High Noon Saloon.


The show was fantastic - everything sounded super great, and it was awesome to see Jeremy playing on my rig. I wish I was good enough to play in public... and with a band... that rig is meant to be played loud and played in front of a big crowd. Maybe some day.

Until then, I'll be happy spending lazy evenings on my deck with a brew and this beaut.


Other stuff

Other than working and fooling around on the guitar, I haven't been doing too much crazy stuff. Saw Chevelle again (this time at Madison's Orpheum Theater):


And recently saw Sepultura at the High Noon Saloon in Madison:


What's up next?

- Sound gig at Kiki's on 5/30/15
- Burgers and Brews at Capital Brewery on 5/30/15
- Isthmus Food Cart Festival on 5/31/15
- Royal Blood show at High Noon Saloon on 5/31/15

- Off to Palm Beach, Florida for a work-awarded vacation; all expenses paid, free gifts, spending money, limo rides... staying at the Four Seasons for about a week or so. I was lucky enough to be nominated for our company's "Inspiring Excellence" award, and somehow managed to win. It should be a good time; stay tuned for a blog entry about the trip.

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