Well, now I'm sad...


A few friends pointed me to a conversation on Yelp that apparently asks about my departure, and wow - I'm not sure how my original message was so misunderstood or misinterpreted, but... let me try to clarify a few things.

+ I have no gripes, qualms, or complaints with any Yelp members, aside from a few trolls that popped-up over the course of the years and only wrote snarky, hurtful, and mean things in Talk topics and/or in reviews (anyone remember "Joke R."?).

+ Again: zero issues or concerns with any Yelp members, Elite or otherwise. I really value and appreciate everyone who uses Yelp and makes it the asset it is.

+ Please re-read the first two items above.

I truly enjoy(ed) interacting with, meeting, and befriending dozens and dozens of people from Yelp. I have some really excellent friends as a result of Yelp. To anyone who thinks I have any "superiority complex," I don't, and frankly, I'm confused as to why it would seem/feel/appear that way. :-(

Why I left Yelp?

- I burned out. I was *extremely* active on Yelp for 7+ years. It just got to feeling "job-like" to me.

- The events started to swing toward activities and venues that didn't interest me. I *really* enjoyed going to nicer places (that I normally wouldn't/couldn't go to) and "living it up" a bit while meeting and mingling with Yelp folks and proprietors. There was nothing wrong with any of the current events; they just weren't my style. I'd rather enjoy chit-chat over a fine cocktail and a divine meal than do some of the recent events.

- Yelp HQ gave me the impression of not caring one bit about any feedback or specific issues that were shared with them. From the mobile app having issues, to trolls making rude comments... the responses were few and far between and less than gratifying.

- It really did become time for me to fly (to quote REO Speedwagon). The nature of online communities is regular evolution. I think about bunches of folks who used to be really active on Yelp but have moved on; I'm in that group.

So again: It was time for me to move on. No hard feelings, no issues, no dislike, no resentment, nothing. I enjoyed my time on Yelp, I enjoyed everyone's reviews, photos, comments, messages and contributions. :-) Again, thank you to everyone for your kind words and concerns. Everything is good here. :-) We'll be in touch soon!

Here's the link to the talk topic: Yelp Talk Madison

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