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A quick entry here to share an important update regarding Pro Sound Madison:

I simply cannot believe how much this little business has grown, and how in demand it has become. I am fortunate to be working with a bunch of super talented people and am grateful for the repeat business, kind words, references, and support from everyone - thank you a million times over!!!

Because of the unbelievable (and sometimes overwhelming) demand for my little live sound and lighting production side project, a decision was made to change the name of Pro Sound Madison to something a bit more inclusive.

We have been expanding our lighting services and now have more than 35 LED PAR lights (RGBW/RGBA), 8 moving heads (spots and washes), 4 LED pixel bars, 2 multiple effects heads (laser/effects) and a killer fog machine that'll fill a stage in no time.

We have grown our FOH (front of house) system so that we can easily cover 3,000 people in an outdoor environment and support large acts in just about any setting, at a level of quality that can't be easily matched.

We are being asked to provide sound for a bunch of local festivals and events, and have established partnerships with numerous local musicians and groups. Thank you, again, for all of your support!!!

So... with that, our new name is:

608 Sound & Light and our new website is available at:

608 Sound and Light offers live sound and lighting production for festivals, bands, bars, and events of all types, genres, and sizes. 608 Sound and Light is based in Madison, Wisconsin but serves the majority of our surrounding communities.

While the name may have changed, our service has not. We are still maniacally and obsessively committed to providing the best possible experience to everyone involved with your live sound production needs. Ask anyone who's worked with us, and their comments will echo this - we go above and beyond.

So... I'll share more about what's been happening with things in a future post (that hopefully won't take another 4 months to appear); until then, thank you again to everyone who has helped 608 Sound & Light become what it has. I couldn't have done it without you.

Until then... enjoy the new logo.


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