Why, Apple, why????


I have been a fan of Apple products ever since I got an Apple //c, way back in 1985 or so. Why? Because their products worked, and they worked consistently. Everything about their products was intuitive, straight-forward, and non-complicated.

Until now.

I simply cannot believe how bad the most recent iOS update (iOS 11) is. iOS 11 is absolutely terrible, and is a complete disaster.

It has caused me to waste more hours than I care to count, trying to resolve issues that I'd expect to find with Microsoft products, not Apple products. How anyone from Apple allowed this horrid excuse for an iOS to be released is beyond me. Maybe it's time they slow down a bit and focus on quality, rather than some arbitrary "yearly upgrade" schedule.

Problems with my iPhone 6s after switching to iOS 11.0.2:

- Poor battery life
- Device gets stuck in headphones mode (no audio available unless using headphones)
- Device got stuck in airplane mode
- Had to completely wipe-out and restore the phone twice, in an attempt to get it working "normally"
- Spent hours on the phone with Apple support

Problems with my iPad Pro after switching to iOS 11.0.2:

- Critical applications don't work with the new 64-bit architecture
- Can't restore back to 10.3.3 (error message from Apple)
- Won't connect to my work place wifi
- Is currently stuck in "set-up" mode

Wow. Just wow. A quick search of the internet confirms I'm not alone with these problems. It seems that nearly everyone is having some type of issue with iOS 11. Which begs the question once again... Why, Apple??? Why????

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