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It's never too early

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To start thinking about birthday gifts... and since mine is coming up in the not-too-distant-future, I figured I'd throw out a few hints/ideas/suggestions for folks to consider. Don't worry if you duplicate each others' purchases - I'll appreciate your gift(s) no matter what.

I'd like, in no particular order, any one of these gifts:

1. Cycleops Power Tap SL+ Hub (Shimano hub)


This hub is pretty awesome - it measures the amount of power expended during a ride, which is an invaluable training tool. It measures ad saves data about each ride so you can go back and review progress, weak spots, improvements, and so on. During races, it helps you determine when to take it easy and when to get after it. It's the most accurate calorie burning tool available for a bike. Unfortunately it's outrageously expensive...

2. Zipp 808 Cyldesdale Carbon Clincher Wheelset


I've rode next to people who have these wheels and can say this: they sound awesome (they make that "woosh/woosh/wooosh" noise like you'd hear when a Samurai sword is swung through the air), they look cool, and they're definitely fast. Combine these with that Power Tap hub, and look out.

3. Samsung 52" LCD 1080p 120Hz Television


I'm thinking this TV would make a nice edition to the bedroom.

4. Nike Pro Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Top and Shorts (compression)


I snagged some of these while in Joplin this weekend, and I really like them. I think they're even better than the UnderArmour versions - they fit better, and are more comfortable (so far). I like the tops and bottoms - but they have to be the compression version (really tight). Size Large (for top and bottom), in black.

5. DeSoto 400-mile Bib Shorts


I've got 2 pair of bib shorts and they're the best riding shorts I've ever worn. The DeSotos are supposed to be the very best out there - comfortable, long lasting, invaluable. Shorts do make all of the difference when it comes to longer rides. I'll take these in Large, black/black.

6. Osprey Atmos 50 Backpack


I'm a bit "on the fence" about this one... I've been researching backpacks for a while, and I'm torn between the Osprey, The Smart Alec from Tom Bihn, the Rocket Science Rocket bag, or a Zoot Z-Pack bag. I'm sure all are extremely nice and extremely similar - it's just hard to decide which one would be best... I'd like to start riding my bike to and from work, and a good backpack could make all the difference. It'll also double as a triathlon bag, so I'm asking a lot from one bag. Decisions, decisions... surprise me, and I'll be happy! :-)

7. Apple Aperture 2.1


Apple's first attempt with this program was awful, but they turned things around with version 2. It's absolutely amazing; it quickly indexes, organizes, and displays digital images, allows for adjustments (without "damaging" the original file), and generates all sorts of cool things like online galleries, print-ready books, and so on. It's not a true Photoshop replacement, but it's pretty darned close. I've used the trial version for quite a while, but it has since expired. :-(

So there you have it. Five Six Seven great gift ideas for Steveo. I'll probably think of some other ideas; when I do, I'll update this entry. :-)

Edit: Here are some great LOL Cats:






It's been a few entries...

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...since I've had a good LOL post, so without further ado, here are 2 good ones.

I now know what Sulley's diet consists of (although, to tell a family secret, Kramer is much flabbier than Sulley - Sulley is thick; Kramer is fat):


And, wouldn't it be great if we could teach our pets to do this??


One last race for 2008!

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I woke up this morning and decided to stop at WalMart before trudging into work. I felt like getting a newspaper and a Diet Mt. Dew (I've drastically cut my consumption over the past month or so).

As I was reading the paper, I stumbled across a story about a 5k race (run) that's being hosted at the Pea Ridge Military Park. For those not aware, the Pea Ridge Military Park is where I do the majority of my bike riding and running. I love the place - it's gorgeous, fairly challenging, and relatively quiet. I bought an annual pass this year ($15) and have gone to the park nearly every single weekend to ride and run.

I called the race organizer and discovered that there was still time to register for the event, so I signed-up, and with any luck will get to do one last race before the end of 2008. Granted, it's not a triathlon, but a quick 5k run should be a pretty fun time. Looking at 2007 results, I'll probably finish just outside of the top-10 for my age group... I'm not a fast runner by any means, and the park is pretty hilly, so I'm guessing I'll average an 8:00 mile, which would put me somewhere around the 10-12 spot; and at about the 50% overall spot.

I'll train a little harder this week and we'll see what happens.

And, what recent post would be complete without two pictures from LOLcats?


and, while not technically related to anything about cats, it's funny...


Two more great ones

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Ok; I have a problem - I'll admit it. I'm completely addicted to the "LOL" sites (LOLcats, LOLdogs, Failblog, and so on). I'll get help for the problem, I promise - I just need to visit the sites once more before I go... :-)

I've created a new category for these gems - it's called "LOLs." So, if years from now you want to go back and see all of the funny cats, dogs and failures, just click on the category titled "LOLs" and you'll find my favorites.

So, without any further ado, here are my two most recent favorites:




Man... now that's some funny stuff! :-D