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The second dog we ever adopted passed away earlier last week. Regis, or "Brownie" or "Brown" or "Sledge" as we often referred to him, had to be put to sleep. He had stopped eating and couldn't keep food down, even if it was home-cooked, specially prepared food as made by Amy's mom (usually eggs and a little chicken with rice). Amy suspects he had some type of stomach or intestinal cancer. It's a truly sad week.

Amy and I adopted Regis on New Year's Day, 2002. We had adopted Big Boy in October of 2001 and when Regis was brought-in to the Bella Vista Animal Shelter just prior to New Years Eve of 2001/2002, we knew he was meant to be with us. We figured he was about a year old or so at that time.

Brown was an interesting dog. He was the most loyal, loving, and protective dog you'd ever meet. I'm convinced he would've done anything for you at any time, no matter what the cost or consequence. He projected a fierce loyalty about him; something about his expressions and how he always positioned himself between you and others... but he'd always turn and look at you with these big eyes that seemed to say, "Stay behind me - I've got your back."


His sense of needing to protect extended beyond people. When Amy and I would foster sick kittens (or other animals), it was always Regis who took it upon himself to stand guard over the ailing creatures. It wasn't uncommon for him to "fend off" our other curious pets in the interest of protecting the sicker, weaker ones. For this behavior, he earned the nickname, "Nurse Regis."


Unfortunately, he also had a slight crazy side to him... without warning, and for little apparent reason, he'd sometimes take a healthy nip at you (or others). I'll never forget when during one of our Holiday road trips from Arkansas to Wisconsin when Regis decided to clamp down on Amy's gloved hand and refused to let go no matter what we did. Amy also told me that he one time took a little nip at a stranger while she was at a dog park a few years ago. Because of that, Regis didn't socialize much in his later years... Who knows if he was senile or if he knew something about people that we didn't.

Regardless of his slightly crazy side, he was one of the greatest dogs I've ever known. I hadn't seen him much in the past few years, what with life changes and everything, but every time I did see him, it was special. Especially this last visit - I had to travel to Boston last week, and Amy offered to watch Flea while I was away. So, I dropped Flea off at Amy's house, and when I did, I couldn't help but notice how thin and frail Regis had become. He really looked bad.

When I walked-in, he made his way over to me, sat down, and just looked at me. I sat down next to him and petted him for quite a while. Each time I tried to stop, he'd give me a little lick or he'd extend his front paw, as if to say, "What's the hurry? Sit here a bit longer." Maybe we both knew it would be the last time we'd see each other... maybe it's just me projecting feelings on to the situation.


I'm glad I got to spend some quality time with him before he passed on. He was so regal, so stoic, so sincere, and just special. I'll definitely miss him and his quirky ways.

Regis 1/1/2001 - 11/17/2014 - You'll be missed.


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