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Spent the weekend in Fort Worth, Texas at the GSX Southwest Regional Crossfit Qualifier: Hell's Half Acre event (talk about the longest name for an event, ever). We loaded up the Trigger Point RV on Friday afternoon, hit the road, and spent the weekend working with about 300 of the Southwest's toughest gladiators, and it was both interesting and fun.

We got into town early Friday evening, found our spot, and parked the RV. After a quick trip to Lowe's for some last minute supplies, it was off to dinner and then to bed - we would have to be set-up and ready by 7:00am on Saturday, so that meant the alarm would go off at around 4:30am. Nice!

We got the RV set-up and by 7:15, we had people stopping by to "roll out" in preparation for the day's events.


This was our first event with the RV; the company has owned the RV for quite some time, but hasn't used it much for events over the past few years as we've focused on Expos and events where we would set-up a tent/booth. The RV got pulled back into action because we'd like to start attending smaller and local/regional events, to help bolster recognition and branding in our area. It also allows us to try new events like Crossfit (we primarily focus on Triathlon and Marathon) without a ton of additional expense.

So, the first order of business was getting some graphics applied to the RV, and our friends over at Lewis Sign did a marvelous job of applying the graphics in short order. They picked it up from us on Wednesday and had it finished by Friday morning. We've got ideas to "wrap it" further, but the logos would suffice for now. But enough about that, let's get back to the weekend...

The Crossfit Qualifier was an event that served as a stepping stone for the Crossfit Games, which are hosted in California this summer. The Crossfit Games are like the "world series" of Crossfit - the best of the best compete for title of Crossfit Champion.

Crossfit competitors are a bit different from your standard triathlete; they're big and muscular, full of knots and tight spots, and haven't been exposed to our product like triathletes have been. So, we spent a lot of time educating them about our products, letting them "roll out" and test the products, and impressing upon them how important it is to roll out on a regular basis.

Here's some of our crew working on a few of the spectators:


The ground looks wet because it rained like crazy while we were at the show - if you haven't already heard about it, the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapsed over the weekend due to some severe storms. We were about 10 miles from the facility, so we experienced the same storms and are happy to report that the RV survived with nary a scrape.

We sold out of product at the show - the response was unbelievably great. People were skeptical at first, but all it takes is a 2 minute demo and they're hooked. We had huge guys and "ripped" girls coming up, hugging us, thanking us, and telling everyone around us to buy our stuff - they were so impressed with how well it all worked. So by early Sunday afternoon, we were completely out of product - we also sold out of product at the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago (and we took $25k worth of product there!), so things are definitely going well.

Here's one of the guys that I spent about 30 minutes working with - he didn't qualify for the Games, but he's no slouch... he came by twice on Sunday to thank us for helping him.


So, that was the weekend. It was a great learning experience for me; I got to see how the events take place, and that helps me understand some of the logistics and supply side challenges. I also got to experience the Expo environment, learn more about our products, and see firsthand how people perceive and use the products. So, it was a win-win scenario, for sure.

I know you'll all want some food photos... :-) So, here's a picture from dinner on Saturday night - that's a chicken fried steak that's roughly the size of Texas itself:


Believe it or not, but Jessica, our Events and Marketing coordinator is the one who ordered that monster... I had a salad... :-)

Also stumbled across this interesting beer at one of the convenience stores:


Finally, I've stumbled across a website called Yelp, and it's pretty cool. You enter in your location, select a category (like Restaurants), and it'll find all of the places that meet your criteria. It'll then share member reviews, recommendations, and all of that fun stuff. I was in the mood for a good burger the other night, and Yelp had a few suggestions.

I ultimately chose to go to "El Casino del Camino," in downtown Austin. It's categorized as a "dive bar" but was supposed to have amazing burgers. It had a cool veranda/patio area out back:


But sadly, that's about it. The food was terrible. Driest, most stale, and most tasteless burger I've ever had in my entire life. I was so disappointed. It doesn't even deserve a picture on my blog... ick. So, Yelp failed me... but it's been pretty good with everything else so far, so I'll keep using it.

Finally - you can read more about the Crossfit event over at the company blog; I was tasked with posting info and updates, so check it out for some more pictures and details.


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Every job has perks; every job has a downside. Finding the ideal balance between the ups and downs can be tricky, but when you do, it's probably one of the biggest defining factors of a dream job. I honestly think I've found that balance here at Trigger Point.

Case in point: we offer discounts on our products to pro athletes and fellow industry insiders, and they return the favor to us. As such, I've been able to score some great gear at a significant discount, including a new pair of shoes, wet suits, and some bicycling shorts/bibs. I received my shoes today and am already in love with them...


They match our company colors perfectly, and they're extremely comfy. Technically they're trail running shoes, but I think I'll be ok with wearing them for casual use. :-)

Nothing else to report - just working my butt off. Oh, I was featured on our company blog today - you can check that out by clicking here. Enjoy!!

I'll post more over the weekend, so stay tuned.

Why I'm going to love this job

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Not only is Austin shaping up to be an awesome city, but the perks of working at Trigger Point are already paying dividends. Cassidy (the company founder/owner) bought and built a new bike - a Litespeed Archon, and was so excited to have it "finished" that he grabbed me and said, "Hey, let's go ride this afternoon."

So, we hopped on the bikes and hit the road. We did a quick 15-mile ride on the Southwest Parkway (a nice rolling road with wide lanes, moderate traffic, and great scenery), and got a chance to talk about work while not sitting at our desks. It was refreshing, and is just one of the invaluable benefits of working at a place like Trigger Point.

Here's Cassidy's new bike - it's seriously cool (Titanium frame, finished "in the raw"):


And here we are in the parking lot, getting ready to go on the maiden voyage:


We're all decked out in our Trigger Point Cycling gear (jerseys, shorts), which is another super cool bonus... we get cool t-shirts, clothing, and other promo items as part of our "deal." I really can't say enough good things about life here in Austin and at Trigger Point. I have such a good feeling about this.

I also had an opportunity to update the company blog - check it out over at Wordpress. It has full details about our ride, and some additional pictures of us getting ready to go our for our spin.